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Andrew Jenkins
GDPR – There’s Still Time to Make Changes Your Business
Posted on Monday 26th November, 2018 by Andrew Jenkins

Six months on from the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our Operations Director Andy Jenkins looks at the impact of the regulations and why it’s not too late to make changes to your business. “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May, running on from…

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Bryan Banbury
Russell Scanlan’s Praise for Fraud Prosecution
Posted on Monday 26th November, 2018 by Bryan Banbury

Our Managing Director, Bryan Banbury, has praised the work of QBE Business Insurance in successfully prosecuting a man for a £700,000 fraudulent employers liability claim. An investigation by QBE’s counter fraud unit revealed evidence that the man was exaggerating the extent of his injuries following a fall from a roof.…

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Mike Dickinson
Do Sub-Contractors Need Their Own Insurance?
Posted on Monday 29th October, 2018 by Mike Dickinson

A recent High Court’s decision that a roofing firm which caused a fire at a high school in London was not protected by a project policy has raised serious questions over the reliance by sub-contractors on these types of insurance policies. Our Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Dickinson, discusses how…

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Bryan Banbury
Salisbury Poisonings Highlight Increasing Need for SMEs to Ensure They Have Right Cover in Place
Posted on Monday 29th October, 2018 by Bryan Banbury

The unprecedented nerve agent attacks in Salisbury earlier this year left many chain and independent shops restricted from the public for months. The impact on the small businesses affected has been crippling, with the Government forced to spend almost £1.4m in order to prevent business closures and safeguard local jobs.…

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Andrew Jenkins
Why Mental Health Cover Can Benefit Both Employees and Your Business
Posted on Monday 24th September, 2018 by Andrew Jenkins

One in four people in the UK experience mental health problems every year, according to the NHS. For employers and the economy, this means roughly £70 billion (OECD) is lost every year in productivity, benefit payments and healthcare expenditure. With World Mental Health Day taking place on 10th October, Andy Jenkins,…

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Andrew Jenkins
How Insurance Brokers Can Help You Cut Through Legal Jargon
Posted on Wednesday 18th July, 2018 by Andrew Jenkins

Trying to decipher the small print in insurance policy documents can often feel like reading a different language. As a recent study has shown that insurance policies require education to at least A-Level to be understood by the average person, our Operations Director Andy Jenkins discusses how insurance brokers can…

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Tom Pelham
Data breaches – what are the costs?
Posted on Thursday 28th June, 2018 by Tom Pelham

Do you have a cyber insurance policy for your business? Guest blogger Tom Pelham, a Partner at global law firm Kennedys, discusses the costs of data breaches and the importance of having cyber insurance in place. Data breaches, where a breach of security leads to a third party having access…

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Andrew Jenkins
Why the Lowest Premium Can Bring the Highest Risk
Posted on Monday 18th June, 2018 by Andrew Jenkins

With a recent spate of overseas insurance providers becoming insolvent, and leaving their clients uninsured in the process, it’s important to make people aware that competitive offers from unrated or low-rated insurers can often mean a higher risk of insurer failure. Here, our Operations Director, Andrew Jenkins, discusses why…

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Simon Winiarski
The Role of Insurance in Future-Proofing our Churches
Posted on Monday 4th June, 2018 by Simon Winiarski

The theft of lead has been well documented in both local and national press, particularly from churches. Just as recently as this April, the Nottingham Post reported the jailing of a scrap metal thief after stealing lead and damaging the roof of St. Mary’s in Edwinstowe, the Grade 1 listed 1…

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Mark Batty
Selective Licensing: what landlords need to do before August 1 2018
Posted on Friday 18th May, 2018 by Mark Batty

There’s just a few months left before Nottingham’s new Selective Licensing scheme comes in to force in the city. If you are a landlord with properties within the city boundaries, now is the time to make sure you’re prepared for the changes or risk the penalty of…

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