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Performance and Collectors Vehicles

If you own a high value, performance or collectors vehicle, we can arrange insurance on specialist policies that are tailor made to your requirements.

Similarly, if you own either an imported or modified vehicle, we can also help.

Our team have access to a number of highly rated insurers who understand the needs of this specialist area and are able to provide wide cover that is suited to your lifestyle.

Some of the benefits we can provide are:

  • No penalty for no blame' claims: No increase premium penalty if an incident is not your fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance driving other cars: Both you and any other named driver are fully comprehensively insured while driving a borrowed car as are non-family members when driving your cars.
  • Comparable courtesy car: Following an accident, you get to choose who repairs your car. If the repairer does not supply a suitable courtesy car, one of a comparable standard can be provided.
  • Unlimited driving in Europe.
  • Policies on pre-agreed mileage limits.
  • Agreed value for your car for the term of the policy: Some insurers will only pay what they believe is the "market "value of your car at the time of loss.

It's good to talk. We are happy to discuss your performance and collectors vehicles insurance needs in total confidence. After all, the better we understand your lifestyle, the more effectively we can help you maintain it.

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