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Business Continuity Planning

Can your business survive a crisis?

Nobody wants to be a harbinger of doom. However, a pragmatic approach to Business Continuity Planning has to consider the impact of some worst case scenarios.

Here are some things to ponder about Continuity Planning:

  • Having a plan demonstrates confidence to staff, customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders.
  • It means you are in control of the time frame rather than being forced into extreme measures.
  • Business Continuity Plans are not just for big organisations. They just need bigger plans.
  • The survival rate of organisations that do not plan for catastrophic events is estimated to be less than 20%.
  • Few firms that suffer a catastrophic IT failure survive beyond a year.

We can assist with the construction and maintenance of your Continuity Plan, in a efficient and cost effective way.

A stitch in time? We would be delighted to discuss Continuity Planning for your business. If you like what you hear, it could prove to be one of the soundest investments you make. You decide.

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